Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

Many of you may think being a stay at home soccer mom is a glamorous and financially rewarding career path, but I am here to tell you that this occupation comes with a few drawbacks.  For example, this is how I spent my day:

Awoke to the sounds of husband and two of the kids rattling around downstairs a little before 7 am; was slightly annoyed as the kids aren't allowed out of their rooms until 7 and I could have used those 3 extra minutes of sleep.  (Teenager, of course, was still thoughtfully sleeping.)  I drug myself out of bed anyway as I had a full day ahead.  God may have rested on Sunday, but mothers are just getting started.

Grumbled at my husband as he was thoughtless enough to come into the kitchen before I had coffee.

Newspaper, coffee and a shower later I felt a little more like I might make it through the day without causing a divorce or a visit from CPS.  On this up note, I decided to hit the grocery store early before I got caught in the whirlwind of soccer games and laundry.  Mistakenly chose Walmart as my quick trip and spent a hour wandering around the monolith complaining how nothing was where it should be and the lack of selection.  I still managed to come out of there with about 20 more things than were on my list.  I hate Walmart.

Home again to start the first of what turned out to be ten loads of laundry.  One old grocery list and a lot of plant debris was discovered at the end of several loads.  I'm not sure how clean any of those clothes are, but I used soap and water, so I'm calling it good.

Started making dinner before lunch as I knew we wouldn't be back until after 5:30 and I couldn't take another dinner of chicken nuggets and baby carrots.  The down side of the soccer season ending is now that we are all home at dinner time, my family seems to expect me to cook an actual meal.  With ingredients purchased ahead of time and a recipe and main food groups.  I seem to have forgotten this skill and feel slightly irritated that they remember sit down meals.

Dinner is finished and packaged away for future consumption just in time for one and all to declare their desire for lunch.

More laundry.

Tried to find two matching soccer socks for middle child.  With all the black socks I have purchased since my oldest started playing soccer you'd think our house would be bursting at the seams with black soccer socks.  I found two that were clean and only inches apart in length.  Victory is mine!

Older daughter is seen off to her game with husband while I hurry along the younger daughter in her preparation. (Teenager is thoughtfully staying out of the way by playing Xbox in living room.)

Stand in the rain at younger daughters game and then hurry home to change for the end of the season team party.  Find that older daughter has brought most of the soccer field home with her.  Bathroom looks like a mud slide took place.  Try not to grump as we shepherd everyone back in the stinky minivan.  (Teenager conveniently stays behind so his sisters won't have anyone to fight with.)

Soccer party at pizza place that apparently wasn't expecting a soccer party and only has one waitress and mediocre pizza.  So hungry I eat it anyway.  So much for carefully prepared dinner.

Come home to find teenager hasn't finished his chores or his homework.  And somehow this is my fault. 

Finish cleaning mud off the towel bar and the shower curtain in the bathroom.  Wonder how clean daughter got if her towel has chunks of mud on it.  I hope she used soap and water.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. A school and work day, so at least I can finish the laundry in peace.