Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy (Non)Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day, a time set aside to thank the mothers in our lives (and spend too much time and money looking for the right card/flowers--and if you're like me, remember that the US Postal service will take TWO days to get a card to my mom in Vancouver).

All the sale ads and Facebook posts got me thinking about all those who may not be mothers themselves, but who also deserved some recognition today.

To the friends and neighbors who help you coordinate rides and play dates and what the theme is for Wednesday's Spirit Week at school. Who keep an eye on your kid when they're out in the neighborhood and don't judge you when they hear you yelling at them (because they know we all lose it now and then).

To the teachers and coaches who encourage your kids to try their hardest.  Who notice when your kid is having an off day.  Who keep in communication with you, but still make the relationship with your kid focused on them.

To the parents of your kids' friends for mothering them when they're away from home. Who host sleepovers and make that special breakfast you've never made (and introduce them to foods they'd never eat at home).  Who hug your kids when they're going through their grumpy teenage phase and will barely talk to you, much less allow physical contact.

To the strangers in the grocery store who smile at the baby and don't mention they should be wearing shoes.  Who give you a reassuring smile as you struggle to try to herd three children past the toy section, negotiate peace between siblings, and still remember to get everything on your list before someone has a melt down. (And who don't give you the judgy look when someone ultimately does have a screaming melt down.)

To the grandmas who hold the babies so their daughters/daughter-in-laws can have one moment's peace. Who bounce and coo and spoil.  Who notice every wonderful trait and love your kids almost as much as you do. (And who also refrain from giving too much unsolicited advice.)

To the aunts, who remember their nieces' and nephews' birthdays, who ask about your kids' milestones (without comparing them to their own kids' accomplishments), and who will also happily hold a screaming baby for however long it takes.

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Thank you for being my village--I couldn't have done this parenting thing without you.