Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Grateful Thankful Blessed

This time of year some people like to post on social media daily reasons they have to be thankful.  I've tried this, really I have, but I quickly lapse into  "Thankful the dog didn't poop on the new throw rug" or "Grateful for cheese." I am not naturally the sentimental type (sarcasm and snark are more my style) and I don't have one of those signs that say "Grateful Thankful Blessed."   Yet I do have one or two (or 30) things for which I'm thankful:

1. Dogs (even if they poop on the new throw rugs)--live-in crumb cleaners and unconditional love.

2. Cold, clear mornings of fall--because we know what wet, dark days are like.

3. Coffee, coffee, coffee--enough said.

4. Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles--dark chocolaty creaminess at only 75 calories and 7.5 g fat per

5. We Rate Dogs--sometimes the only bright spot on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook (They're ALL good dogs.)

6. Husband who doesn't expect me to be "normal"--because why be average?

7. Kids who aren't "normal" (well, one of them is, but we make allowances for him).

8. Sno-Isle Public Library (even the teeny-weeny Lakewood/Smokey Point location)--books that I can read for free? Yes, please.

9. A free press--journalists may be the only thing that saves us from our current political "situation."

10. Netflix--binge watching an entire season of a show in a weekend is the only way to go (unless it's  "The Walking Dead"--that I do not recommend).

11. SNL--because sometimes you need to laugh at it all or you'll (rage) cry.

Mirage Hotel pool, Las Vegas
12. Garlic--good for you, adds deliciousness to most any dish, keeps vampires at bay.

13. Las Vegas--the Disneyland for grownups (please don't bring your kids); sunshine and cocktails.

14. Preschool teachers--they teach your kids how to learn before they have to learn; and they deal with a lot of fingers in noses.

15. The internet--what did we even do before the Worldwide Web? Just not know stuff?

16. Elections (and the voter's pamphlet)--if you don't vote, you don't get to complain; it's a thing. (We voted on it a couple years ago; Referendum 86934-09-218B, aka "Show Up or Shut Your Pie Hole.")

17. Target--because who doesn't love a good deal on toilet paper AND a pair of cute boots?

Diablo Lake, North Cascades
18. North Cascades National Park--beautiful campgrounds, hiking trails, and stunning scenery. (Don't tell anyone; it'll be our little secret.)

19. School Bus drivers--they are the unsung heroes of the public school system, true story.

20. Our neighborhood/community/school district--we live in a small community where even if you don't know someone, your kid is probably in class with their kid, or their cousin is you hairstylist.    And they'll probably let you borrow a cup of sugar, or fill you in about the recent car prowler (but please don't ask them to participate in your kid's fundraiser--nobody needs more wrapping paper).

21. Our house--the back deck is rotting, the carpet needs to be replaced, and there is approximately 10,000 tons of dog hair in every nook and cranny. But it's cozy and ours and home.

22. Texting/FaceTime/Snapchat--do people actually call each other on phones anymore (like it's the  1950's)? If my daughter didn't insist she FaceTime the dogs, I might never hear from her.

23. The diversity of political candidates--love 'em or hate 'em, maybe it's time to think outside the "old white man" box (no disrespect, Joe and Bernie)

24. Elected officials who really care about their constituency--if you hide from your voters and side with the big business, maybe  "public representative" is not your calling.

25. Cyber Monday--because who even goes Black Friday shopping anymore? (Unless it's online, then "Hooray Black Friday!")

26. Pie, mashed potatoes, and all the Thanksgiving fixings--bring on the fat pants.

27. US Post Office--I'm continually amazed that anything I drop in the mail box actually gets to its    destination (and getting personal mail is the best).

28. Smart phones--Computers. In. Your. Pocket.

29. Soup--chicken noodle, potato, or bean, nothing's better on a dark, cold day.

30. Finally, that there aren't 31 days in November (PHEW!)