Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Happens in Vegas

 My husband and I are planning our yearly anniversary trip to Las Vegas and I am positively giddy.  I'm not much of a gambler and my drunken revelry days are long behind me, but I love Las Vegas.  They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I wouldn't mind sneaking some of it home with me.

The first thing I'd cram into my carry on would be the sunshine, of course.  While the rest of the country is experiencing an unusually warm spring, we here in the Pacific Northwest are suffering through endless rounds of snow mixed with rain mixed with sleet mixed with hail mixed with crappy weather.  Even my kids have had enough of snow days.  I've been in Las Vegas in December when it was less than warm, and I'm sure I'd melt about mid-August, but late April/early May weather is positively heavenly. 

Next on my list of souvenirs would be clean towels with just a phone call, no grocery shopping and the whole host of people there to accommodate my every wish.  Yes, I know they're just doing their job (and may well complain about me when they go home at night), but there is nothing lovelier than having a whole city (okay, hotel strip) willing to take on all those pesky chores I drudge through everyday in my real life.  To the maid who replaces the toilet paper roll, the waiter who whisks away my dirty dishes and the janitor who vacuums the casino carpets I'd just like to say:  I love you.

Another Vegas aspect I'd enjoy taking home with me is getting to spend a few precious days of not being a mom.  I love my kids, I really do, but sometimes even the Virgin Mary needed a break. ("Jesus Christ, will you just clean your room?!") The Las Vegas Tourism Board has been trying to hype their city as family friendly, but I'd sooner spend my vacation at a glue factory than bring my kids to Las Vegas with me.  There may very well be all sorts of activities for the under 21 crowd, but I like to think of Las Vegas as a Disneyland for grown ups.  No responsibilities, no one complaining they don't have any clean socks (again!) and no bickering siblings.  Las Vegas is all about me, me, me.  (Okay, maybe my husband, too, but I know they really set it all up for me.)

While I'm looking forward to our trip, I find the closer it gets the less patience I have with my everyday life.  Oh Las Vegas, how will I get through the next month without you?  Can you Fed Ex me some 8o degree weather?  (And maybe a cabana boy with a fruity drink? )

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