Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Off With Her Hair!

Me, Before
Today I got a hair cut.  Not just a trim or a little bit off the top, but a hair cut.  My younger daughter told me it was the weirdest hair cut I'd ever gotten.  My older daughter said it looked too messy in back.  My son just silently looked at me and smirked. 
Ah, sweet words of praise from my loving family. 
My husband asked:  "Do you like it?"
And you know what?  I love it.
Super short hair has never been a dream of mine,  If I had my choice, I'd have long beautiful, flowing locks.  I'd spend thousands every year on special shampoos and high end styling products.  I would sob inconsolably if the stylist didn't give me just the right cut.
I would be Mudder Forking Rapunzel

Exhibit A: Me in 5th Grade
Unfortunately, as the angels were forming all my earthly parts, they apparently misunderstood when God said to give me thick hair and thin thighs.  Sigh.  My tresses are straight, fine-textured and thin. (Please see Exhibit A.)   I have tried every thickening product known to man.  I have moussed, I have permed, I have highlighted.  My hair simply isn't my crowning glory.  (I'm just lucky I don't belong to one of those religious sects that don't allow the women to cut their hair.  It would not be pretty.)

So when I went for a cut today I was ready for something a little different.  I was ready to give up the Soccer Mom hairdo.  I was ready to leave behind all the hairspray and unguents and limp, lifeless locks.  I was ready to let the world see my ears.

And, voila!  With a little help from my fabulous hairstylist, Marielle of Crown Creations Hair Design I now have a cut that says I have cheek bones and ears and more important things to do than mess with my hair.  This hairstyle is generally known as the Pixie and I am feeling genuinely impish.

 Off with her hair!

The "After" Shot

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