Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have been without Facebook for over a week now.  In a fit of residual Catholic guilt, I gave it up for Lent. Only nine days into it and I'm beginning to repent.  Oh, what would Jesus do?

If Jesus had a Facebook account, I bet he'd have a lot of friends.  But would he have time to keep his status up to date, what with all the miracles and stuff?  "What a day! Healed a blind man and then walked on water. LOL."  Yeah, I don't think Jesus would say LOL.

I wonder if my 2nd grade teacher, Sister Judith, is on Facebook? (And would it be under "Sister Judith?")  She always had a way of sneaking up on you when you were goofing off and then get you with the vulcan death grip.  (I must say, it wasn't very Christian of her.)  Uh oh, I wonder if she's reading this right now?!  Sorry, Sister!  I'll do ten Hail Marys...

Is giving up Facebook making me a better Catholic?  I mean, if I was still a practicing Catholic?  (And if you "practice" being a Catholic, do you get better at it?)  While I definitely miss my daily forays into the silly land of Facebook, it seems there is too much real suffering in the world for these forty days to much affect my spiritual psyche.  But with all the natural disasters and political revolutions, it is nice to escape into a world where people LOL.


  1. I think Jesus' status would often read, "People - SMH." But he'd have to LOL once in awhile, at least at the cute puppy pictures.