Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Report Card Blues

Having internet access to your kids' grades isn't always a good thing.  Remember back in the good old days when parents could be lied to and strung along until the day the actual report card came out?  Those lucky moms could spend months at a time, happy in their ignorance, not needing to anguish over what to do about about Tommy's poor grades.

I suppose if your kid is an overachiever, the daily access to their GPA would be great. Oh look, Suzy got an A on her math test and an A+ on her book report!  But not my kids.  My formerly intelligent children have decided to forgo the traditional path of studying and good grades and have instead devised a way to use their brain power to torment me.  Turn in homework?  Boring!  Be aware of assignments and due dates?  How predictable!  You know what will make Mom absolutely crazy?  If we complete a project and then forget to turn it in!  ROTFL!!

I've begun to wonder if all the time I spent playing educational games with them and the countless hours spent reading bedtime stories were just wasted time.  Apparently I could have just plopped them in front of the TV!  Hey, maybe I should have had that margarita when I was pregnant.

In all honesty, I have great kids.  They are smart (thanks in part to my superior parenting) and funny and easy going.  Maybe not excelling at math does not doom one of them to a future working at McDonalds.  And if one forgets to turn in homework, perhaps it is not an indicator of intelligence, but that she just has so much going on in that smart little head of hers she can't keep track of details.  Perhaps it would just be easier on all of us if I lost my password to the online grade book.

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  1. Loose the effing password and have a margarita.